Saturday, November 1, 2014

SEA LIFE Aquarium Kansas City

"SEA Life Aquarium Kansas City provided tickets for this review. My review is an honest opinion based on my own experience and has not been reviewed or edited by SEA Life Aquarium Kansas City."

   This past weekend we had the opportunity to visit SEA LIFE Aquarium Kansas City. When we arrived we received our tickets and stamp booklets. We then headed on in. We started off by getting our very first stamp.

   Through out SEA LIFE there were several fun fact stations like the one pictured. The boys really enjoyed learning all of the cool facts that now they will be able to share with their friends. 

   We really enjoyed the Halloween theme. The cute little pumpkins added in with the sea creatures was perfect. The sitting skeleton was my favorite piece through out the entire aquarium. Cute and fun.

   All three children enjoying being able to participate at the interaction Rockpool station. They were able to tough starfish and see what they felt like. We will defiantly be visiting again soon. Check them out now and make sure to check out any special events! 

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Friday, October 31, 2014

Check it out Kids Academy Apps! #MomBuzz #FreeKidsApp

"Kids Academy provided product for this review. My review is an honest opinion based on my own experience and has not been reviewed or edited by Kids Academy."

   ABC's alphabet phonics & Montessori learn to read app helps teach children spelling, reading and writing skills. With 2 levels of difficulty and right and left hand mode it caters to the individual child. It provides engaging, fun, colorful games that will encourage your child to keep learning. Download this great app on iTunes here

   Preschool and Kindergarten learning kids games free for toddler app by Kids Academy will help your child to learn and practice letter, number and handwriting skills. Tracing each letter, number and shape helps with the recognition of what each is. Through the fun, interactive characters it helps children to stay engaged while learning. Download this educational app on iTunes here.

   Bingo ABC's alphabet phonics song with farm animals cards for toddler free app is a great app to get your child excited to learn. My niece absolutely loves this app. With the music she love to sit with me and listen as we go over each letter. The variety of colors and fun keeps her entertained. Download this musical app on iTunes here.

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Holiday Gift Guide 2014: Dream Team Pets

"OIC Toys, LLC provided product for this review. My review is an honest opinion based on my own experience and has not been reviewed or edited by OIC Toys, LLC."
   If you are a parent of toddlers or older you are most likely familiar with putting your child in bed, tucking them in, reading a story, turning off lights only to have them get right back up. In this house we have went though every excuse. "I have to potty", "I need a drink", "I am scared of the dark", "There are monsters". I bet over the years I have heard over 100 excuses.

   This year for the Holidays why not provide your child with his/her own adorable, cuddly Dream Team Pet that will help your child to stay and bed and allow everyone to get a good nights rest. There are 3 Dream Team Pets available and each comes with the Pet, Certificate of Training and stickers to reward pet and child. 

   Dream Team Pets give children the opportunity to train their pets to sleep, all while they are actually training themselves. When the pet sleeps through the night in their own bed, the child gets to reward the pet. During training their pet the child is also training his/her self to sleep through the night.

   We had the opportunity to review the Magical Cat. This adorable cuddle pet is super soft and great for petting and cuddling through the night. Since Little T is the excuses King we explained to him that he has to make sure that she sleeps though the night by sleeping by her the whole night. He has looked forward to being able to reward her with stickers each morning, so I would have to say Dream Team Pets work like a charm!

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Holiday Gift Guide 2014: TeenyFreaks (R&G)

"TeenyMates provided product for this review. My review is an honest opinion based on my own experience and has not been reviewed or edited by TeenyMates."

   As you have seen before my kids are huge fans of TeenyMates. They were trilled to learn abut the new TeenyFreaks. TeenyFreaks are 1-inch collectible figures with a "split personality". One side of the TeenyFreak is a friendly neighborhood citizen and on the flip side a "freaky" alter-ego.
   We received two packages of TeenyFreaks to review. Each package contains 2 TeenyFreaks, 2 puzzle pieces and full colored collectors sheet. Little T and K played a quick round of Go-Fish to see who got to choose their package first. Little T won so he got to choose first. The anticipation of seeing what was inside was entertaining to watch. Little T ended up with FIREFRIGHTER and COSMICCALIMITY. In K's package was MISS SWITCH and SPEEDDEMON. The boys have been enjoying playing with these and adding them to their little figure collection. TeenyFreaks are now available in the impulse sections at Target stores nationwide and online at

   Thanks to the wonderful folks at Party Animal Inc. one of my lucky readers will receive (2) packages of TeenyFreaks.
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