Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Need some Help?

I have been mopping my floors all day and i am just so exhausted from it. I used to have the old fashion mops that half way done there job and then my husband got me a sham wow and let me tell you that is the most worthless thing i think i have ever seen. It does not wring out right, I actually have to wring it out with my hands. It also scrapes the floor, blah does anyone know of any really great mops?


  1. Yeah, they have one that by twisting the handle you wring out the mop...ask some one in K-Mart they should know.

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  3. Oh, with 7 kiddos (5 of them boys) and now two grandbabies, I know about mopping! I absolutely love, love, love my H2O mop. I got mine through a mail order catalog, but if you google it you should be able to find somewhere to get it. I just fill the resevoir with water, put on a new pad and steam mop my floors. When I am done, I just throw the pad in the wash and I have sparkly clean floors. It is so easy that even my 10 year old mops.

  4. Sandra thank you so much I am going to look into it right now:)

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  6. don't get the shark...not very good either.
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  7. I hate mopping too. I use the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser Mop. It works pretty well.
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  8. Following you back, I was about to suggest the shark mop as I want one so bad, but I see deanna above says it's a no go. :( Good to know though so I can forget about it.

  9. I really dislike mopping also!! But with 4 dogs, 1 cat, and 10 grandchildren....I try to keep it presentable!! :))
    Love your blog!

  10. Thank you everyone I guess for now it will be hands and knees lol.

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    do you hate mopping? so do I
    I guess everyone hate mopping :D


  12. Try Fuller Brush Co. -They've been around since my grandmother was a kid and they still make cleaning supplies of good quality.


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