Saturday, July 24, 2010

OLD WIVE'S TALE Handmade Soaps

Old Wive's Tale Handmade Soaps: owner Jessica Welsh
  Jessica sent me 3 items to review; First an Astro Mint Bathstroid,  It is so adorable and smells so fresh. The second item was Red Apple Blend Multi'Textured Bath Salts,  as soon as i received these items i had to jump in the bath and give them a try, I dumped just a few in and the smell was so amazing and it left my skin feeling very soft and renewed. The third item was by far my absolute favorite, It was the ButterSweet Carrot Soap, I almost did not even want to try these they smell to good. It is so soft. All three of these items are wonderful, she also packages them in their own each individual package and would make a perfect gift for anyone!

Where to find these items and much more: Old Wive's Tale Handmade Soap


Somewhere over the rainbow my dang shoe fell off!!

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