Thursday, September 9, 2010

Winter Blues?

 So every year I get pretty depressed in the winter. Is their anything about having to stay in your house all the time not depressing? It has been getting a little chilly here like 70 and I think it has already started. The littlest thing can set off a hour faucet that I can not shut off. I have been snapping at the dumbest things, I just can't help it. My nerves at all times makes me feel like I am on my last one.
  I want the heat back. I don't mind if it is in the 100's. I want to be able to go swimming with my kids, sit out on my patio and have a drink or two, three..... I just don't like any season but summer.
 To top it off my husband is being a royal pain lately. Some days makes me wonder about the water and blow dryer haha ok it isn't that bad. He is back on his kick where he does everything. YES he does go to work everyday and that is all he comes home eats watched t.v. and goes to bed, while I have been taking care of T all day, cleaning, dishes, laundry, yard work. But yet I don't get to just quit! M and K come home from school and their is homework, eating, bathing, more dishes, more laundry. Then I battle with them to go to bed, the hundred I have to go potty, this one is talking to me, that one came in my room, this one was laughing. Just when they finally fall asleep T wakes up and starts crying with a fever again. That then leads to more Tylenol and more singing (which in my husbands eyes is sleeping). So while this idiots work ends at 4 mine is never ending.

Sorry for the long post, just needed to vent!!!

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