Monday, October 11, 2010

3 Blog Awards

Wow I am so happy and excited, I received 3 Blog Awards tonight from Wyatt Family Farm! I always wonder if people really pay attention to my blog and now I know they do. So thank you So much!

Here are the Rules:
1.  Thank and link back to the person who gave you the award

2.  Share 7 things about yourself

3.  Pass this on to 12 other great bloggers you recently discovered

4.  Contact the selected bloggers and tell them about their awards

7 Things That I Want you to Know About Me:
  1. My kids are my world
  2. I love to scrapbook
  3. I hate being in the kitchen
  4. My mom and sisters are my #1 support system
  5. I could not make it through the day with out my best friend Pepsi
  6. My husband drives me crazy but most of the time he is wonderful
  7. I love watching ICarly with my daughter
5  Blogs That You Should Visit, You Won't Be Disappointed:
(in no particular order)


  1. You are so sweet, and I am truly honored! Thank you!!

  2. Wow, congratulations!

    I have a great skincare giveaway going on! Make sure to check it out.

  3. Thank you soo much I am honoured by your kindness! It is really appreciated.


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