Wednesday, October 6, 2010


LuJoyPursesandSuch offers Purses and Bags of all shapes and sizes. Her fabric selection is amazing.
When I contacted LuJoyPursesandSuch about doing a review much to my surprise she said YES! I was so excited but yet did I know it was going to get much more exciting. 

First off she asked what purse design I would be interested in. I said the Patchwork because to me it is just an amazing design and I can express myself with it. I then chose different items and colors that I liked, of course I chose brown and pink, and my absolute favorite thing ELEPHANTS! 

 She then sent me samples of fabric for me to choose, and this was a very hard decision because I really loved them all! I did have to make a decision though so I chose elephants, elephants and splash color. I also chose polka dots and stripes. 

After we figured out the fabrics then we went to pockets. I actually got to choose how many and what size pockets I wanted in my purse and if I wanted it to zip close or be left open. I did choose the zipper only because I have children that like to snoop lol. 

She then asked if I wanted to see a viewing of my purse or if I wanted to be surprised. I chose to be surprised and I am so happy that I made that decision. This is what My Purse looks like and you can see why I am excited. She also sent along 2 little pouches that match perfect with the purse. 

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  1. I absolutely LOVE your purse! I know that my daughter would be crazy about it, she's in love with elephants.

    Following you back! Great Blog!

  2. I love it! It is very bright and pretty!

  3. I hearted LuJoyPursesandSuch on Etsy!

  4. How cute!!!

  5. Aw I love your purse, its super cute and fun :)

  6. Cute purse- actually looks like it'd make a great diaper bag too. :)


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