Saturday, October 2, 2010

NImi Candle Klutter REVIEW

Nimi Candle Klutter

Nimi Candle Klutter offers homemade beautiful elegant candles and amazing cupcake tarts.  I received several different products to review. 
  • Key Lime Pie cupcake tart. (Tart is white, wrapper bottom is green. This tart smells just like Key Lime Pie)
  • Carmel Checus tart ( This is my favorite! The tart is white with brown sprinkles and the bottom wrapper in brown)
  • Pumpkin Spice tart ( The tarts are orange and shaped like pumpkins, So Cute!)
  • Strawberry Dahlia tart ( 1 all red and 1 white with red bottom, These smell so delicious)
  • Orange Tarts ( They are shaped just like orange slices and smell exactly like oranges)
  • Autumn Lodge Candle ( I adore this candle and perfect for the fall season. I received the Autumn Lodge scent. This candle gave my entire house that getting ready for the holidays scent.)

If you want a great way to spice up the aroma in your house, Nimi Candle Klutter is perfect. All of the tarts were packaged in a bakery bag and looked so great that I didn't even want to open them at first. The candle was packaged in its own little decorated package. All of my children thought they were actual cupcakes that is how amazingly designed they are. 

Thank you Nimi Candle Klutter for allowing me the great opportunity to review your tarts and candles.

*I was not compensated for this review. I received a free product(s) to express my honest opinion. Your experience may vary.*

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