Saturday, October 30, 2010

The Perfect Boutique REVIEW

What they offer: Handmade candles, Body Spray, Soy Melts, Lotion, Fizzing Bath, Sugar Scrubs and more.
My opinion: I was sent a set of 4 votive soy candles. The candles are scented Christmas Sugar. I am just amazed by the scent, This is a great way to get in the Christmas spirit and with 3 children I need to be in the spirit. The candles came packaged in an adorable pink bakery box. A few facts about the candles:
  • 100% natural wax
  • Burns cleanly for 120 hours
  • No artificial ingredients used
I was also sent several different soy melts.
  • Skiing in Vermont: This has a very natural scent to it reminds me alot of pine trees.
  • Wanted: Has a very strong holiday scent.
  • Exquisite Cocktail: To me this scent was more like clean laundry
  • Autumn Campfire: This scent was also a very peaceful outdoors scent.
I would like to thank The Perfect Boutique for allowing us this great opportunity.

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