Tuesday, November 9, 2010

GIFT GUIDE #9 Miracle Body Jeans Review

Miraclebody Jeans

Miraclebody Jeans are the jeans well that are a miracle. They make you look 10lbs lighter in 10 seconds. They are a variety of designs, colors and styles. I can honestly say that I liked these jeans but all in all they aren't my favorite. I loved the way they made my legs look, Wow didn't know my legs could look that great. I really liked everything about these jeans except for the fact that I already have junk in my trunk and these jeans gave trunk an over spilling look. I couldn't believe how huge it made my bum look. I think they would fit a smaller gal better in that area lol.  

Thank you Miraclebody for giving me this opportunity.

*I was not compensated for this review. I received a free product(s) to express my honest opinion. Your 

experience may vary.*

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