Saturday, December 4, 2010

Elmo's A-to-Z Adventures DS Game

Elmos A-to-Z Adventure game is available for DS, Wii and PC.My son is in Kindergarten this year and they are learning all about the alphabet. K has been having some trouble with his letters and getting them in order correctly. No matter how many times we go over it he always seems to forget. He was so excited when I gave him Elmos A-to-Z Adventure he immediately wanted to start playing( of course I forgot to mention to him that he would be learning). He has really been enjoying this game and is really picking his letters up quickly.

Elmos A-to-Z Adventure teaches children literacy skills, letter identification, letter sounds. The level difficulty depends on the level of your child. I love that because K and T can play at different levels. The Elmos A-to-Z Adventure Ds game also comes with a large stylus pen great for little children's hands.

WB Games has offered a 10% discount code for all of my readers off of any video game. The coupon code "MOMMY" is good now through December 20.

I would like to thank WB Games for giving my children this great opportunity.

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