Sunday, January 30, 2011

All About Me! Week 2

This is the 2nd week of All About Me!

  • This is a picture of myself and my youngest son Little T. This is the first time he ever smiled.

  • I always want to diet but when it comes to actually stop eating my junk food, I Cant.

  • I love to take pictures, but usually just of my family.

  • I have an incurable disease that makes my hair fall out and eventually it will all fall out and not come back.

  • I love to daydream about everything!

  • I am a very over protective mother and besides school I am usually afraid to have my kids out of the house.

  • I am not a very social person except when it comes to blogging( and I am so thankful because I have met so many wonderful people)

  • I hate the town I live in and wish people weren't so snoods.

  • I want to win the lottery so bad I can taste it and I have it already all planned out.

  • I like animals as long as they are no where close to me.  I kind of have a fear of all animals. (even my daughters bunny)
That ends week number two see you next week.


  1. I like this post! Thanks for sharing it. I wish I didn't love junk food so much too. It makes it hard to diet properly. And I am over protective with my daughter too.


  2. Thanks for the follow - following back!

  3. I love these posts. I am sorry you don't like where you live. I lived in a place I hated once, too. I moved. Lol!

  4. Another junk food junkie here . . . why is most stuff that is so good, so bad? Not fair . . .

    awwww I'm also sorry you don't like where you live . . . I live where I was born and raised (thank God I love it) . . . I can't imagine hating it. Maybe the yucky snoods don't like it either and will move away . . .

    Love this post!!

    Thanks for following my blogs . . . I follow your blog as well :)

    Have an awesome week . . . Gina

  5. I see a bunch of giveaways I need to enter! lol
    Thx for following me! I've joined your site too!

  6. new follower & so happy to find you! You have some awesome giveaways here!

    I have the same dieting/junk food problem! lol! What a problem! I don't eat much but I tend to eat badly, not a good mix!

    I love taking pics of my daughters and hate having my picture taken! :)

    can't wait to look around some more!


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