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About Oshi mat:

"The story…

 When my firstborn son was 4 months of age, I attended my first baby class. Like almost all baby programs, the classroom was covered with a rough hard carpet and mothers were politely asked to take off their shoes and wear socks. Still, I can remember wondering about all the bacteria collected over the years in that carpet -buggies, dirty diapers, feet, viruses, saliva- and how uncomfortable it must feel for my little baby to lay on. Most mommies took out baby blankets and laid their babies on them… but soon all the mommies noticed that the blankets were too breathable to provide any protection, did not make the floor any softer, made them spend the entire class trying to keep the blankie flat, and their babies just wanted to put the blankie in their mouth!
After attending many classes and watching mommies struggle with their unruly blankets, I thought there had to be a better way! I decided to make a surface specifically designed for these infamous baby classes. Soon enough realizing, I needed a sterile comfy surface not only for these baby classes, but for my home, traveling, outings, hotels, airports, my parents house, play dates and so much more!

The concept…

 First, I needed a material that could lay flat but still be flexible enough to store in a compact way. I needed an easy to clean material. I needed something with cushion so that my baby would be comfortable and safe. So naturally, a mat came to mind! But not one made out of any material… a non- toxic, 100% PVC/Latex FREE foam! The only material with these characteristics was one made of 100% Thermal Plastic Elastomer (TPE). Second, I needed a specific shape, one that would accommodate mother and child during activities. Oshi mat's specific patented design allows for mothers to sit comfortably during interactions and for babies to lay spaciously and securely at the same time. Third, it had to be pretty… like all moms, I love beautiful things for my baby. Our amazing graphic designer takes time and effort to develop gorgeous art designs for our mats. And lastly, I needed a convenient way to carry this mat, so I added the easy to carry Oshi bag to the design!
Our opinion: I do not have any babies at home so when I found out I would be reviewing the Oshi Mat I thought it would be perfect for my nephew. When I received the Oshi Mat I decided their is no way that I could part with it. My son is 4 years old and he immediately wanted it for him. The Oshi Mat we received is blue with helicopters and numbers. I was very surprised at the size of the Oshi Mat it is huge and My son fits on it perfect with even extra room. The Oshi Mat for our family is a perfect nap mat and perfect because we can take it anywhere with us.

I would like to thank Oshi Mat for giving us this great opportunity. 

* I was not compensated for this review. I was offered a product or products to give my honest and fair opinion. You experience and opinion may vary.

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  1. This looks like it's awesome! I remember those days in those yucky Mommy and Me classes. My granddaughters are two and under so this would be perfect!


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