Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Firefly Toothbrush Review

"Invented by a dad and his young daughter, FireFly flashing toothbrush encourages kids to brush more thoroughly than regular toothbrushes.
FireFly light up timer kids toothbrush lights up and flashes for 60 seconds, the dentist recommended time for kids to thoroughly brush each row of teeth. The light can be activated easily by a press of a button or tap on the bottom of the brush, allowing children to learn and take charge of their brushing at a young age.
FireFly Toothbrushes have already helped millions of kids establish good brushing habits. The flashing toothbrush comes in a variety of fun styles and colors including BarbieSpider Man or Hot Wheels. Have your child pick out his or her FireFly Toothbrush at one of our fine retailers today!"

Our opinion: We received six toothbrushes total to review, which was perfect because my niece and nephew are here visiting. M chose the Hello Kitty, K chose the Spiderman and Little T wanted the Peanuts. My niece received the Barbie and my  nephew the HotWheels and I even put one back for my 7 month old nephew. Each Toothbrush has a built in 1 minute timer which in my eyes is a must have now. My kids usually think one swipe across the bottom and top is enough. Now I tell them that they can stop when the light goes off, and in reality they don't have a problem with it because they actually enjoy brushing their teeth thanks to Firefly.

Our family would like to thank Firefly for sending us these great toothbrushes and will helping make teeth time much easier.

* I was not compensated for this review. I was offered a product or products to give my honest and fair opinion. You experience and opinion may vary.


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  2. I'm sure kids would enjoy brushing while seeing the lights flicker on and off on this toothbrush. I may have just found the perfect birthday gifts for my nephews and niece! What's even better about this is that it fosters a stronger relationship between parent and child.

  3. Kids will find brushing more enjoyable with this toothbrush. It would be better if there will be a variety of designs to match everyone’s favorite characters and colors. Children of today are very lucky for having this kind of products. During my childhood, the toothbrushes I had looked ordinary and just white.

  4. I’m sure my son will love that Spiderman toothbrush. In our family, it often takes a hard time to get my son into brushing his teeth. It’s because he enjoys watching his favorite superhero, Spiderman, while chewing sweets. Now, with this customized toothbrush, I’m sure he’ll be cheerful to brush his teeth every day! :)


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