Saturday, February 19, 2011

My Cute Dressups Review

"This business is run by a stay at home mom, from Orem Utah whose 3 kids adore dressing up and playing pretend. It was inspired by a playmate of Rachel’s daughter who’s Mom had a baby. Her mother gave her a gift (a Sleeping Beauty dress-up) when her new brother was born. It was so beautiful! She came over to the house that very day to play in her new dress. Rachel was refinishing and painting a kitchen table. She left for a moment to wash her hands. In the meantime the little girl fell into a large tray of white paint. She was covered in it from her neck to her toes. Rachel felt so bad this happened, that she went on a quest to replace the dress.
When she replaced it, she was so impressed by the design and quality she told her friend Sacha and they both knew this would be a great thing to do together to develop children's imaginations. Sacha is now hosting parties for interested clients and Rachel and her family have spent countless hours organizing and building the website and special events. They hope their story will inspire you to create your own.

Our Opinion: I chose to review the Rapunzel 18 inch Doll Dress Up. M has tons and tons of dresses but she just recently received and American Girl doll. We are still trying to find dress up accessories for Mia                ( American Girl Doll). We have found some outfits but the price is outrageous. This darling Dress Up outfit is only $15.99 right now at My Cute Dressups and fits her American Girl Doll Perfect. To me that is very affordable.  The outfit is just darling and very well made. You can also purchase the matching outfit for that special girl.

I would like to thank My Cute Dressups for making my daughters playtime so much fun. You can find Many different dresses for on Amazon. You can also check out My Cute Dressups on Facebook, Twitter and on their blog.

* I was not compensated for this review. I was offered a product or products to give my honest and fair opinion. You experience and opinion may vary.

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  1. Too bad my boys don't like dressing up and I don't have any girls! :-( I love these kind of reviews!!!


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