Thursday, February 10, 2011

Saky Sacks Review

"After a successful career in the fashion industry, Rupa Wickrama was looking for a meaningful change in her life and saw a niche for fashionable shopping bags. Unable to find a multi-purpose bag that was both functional and stylish, she decided to design her own. With the intent to create a tasteful and affordable collection of bags that would become an indispensable accessory for women everywhere, Saky Sacks was founded in 2009.
Rupa’s inspiration for the Saky Sacks designs come from her travels around the world and her extensive collection of tribal textiles and rugs."
My opinion: I can honestly say I am very impressed with my Saky Sacks. I received the City Saky Ikat Red. I was immediately impressed with the design. It is very modern yet I still have the since of my grandmothers grocery sacks. Not only is this Sack fashionable it also hold up to 25 lbs. Wow!! Have you ever tried to even put a gallon of milk in a regular sack? Either it has to be double sacked or you have a spill on you way out.  The  Sacks fold right up to fit in your purse or any small area. You just fold up and clasp it together with the key ring attached and elastic band. 

I would like to thank Saky Sacks for this great opportunity.

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