Monday, March 28, 2011


Do you know what ABBITUDE stands for? Well it was news to me to but very interesting.

1.) A desire to obtain more for less while still supporting U.S. manufacturing
2.) A positive disposition created by wearing the highest-quality textiles
3.) To describe a cool, casual, contemporary style ie: An awesome abbitude

ABBITUDE offers both men's and women's cool, comfy and sleek looking clothing. I chose the Yoga Pants and the Bell Sleeve Zip Hoody. I chose to get them matching both in Sky Blue. 

My opinion: I was very excited to receive my outfit. The Bell Sleeve Hoody has a generous infusion of Spandex melded with extra soft jersey cotton. I am very impressed with this hoody. The material is extremely comfortable and is body fitting. I really enjoy the hoody part, I like to walk in the mornings and the wind can get just a little out of control, I can just put the hood up and it is formed to my head so that no wind gets in. Lets also talk about the arms my favorite part of the hoody. Most of the hoodys I own are always so tight around the wrist almost to an uncomfortable point but honestly this one has a little flair which not only makes it more comfortable but gives it a better look.
You can order this great Bell Sleeve Hoody for only $28 here.

The second item I received from ABBITUDE is the Yoga Pants. The yoga pants are made of a great blend of extra soft, spun combed cotton and 8% Spandex. I love these pants!! They are extremely comfortable, body fitting and honestly they are these best yoga pants I have ever worn. The comfort just is amazing!
You can purchase the Yoga Pants for $25 here.

Abbitude has many more products and more to come. I can tell you I am very excited to get the best quality products for my moneys worth. I have $70 pants that do not even compare to ABBITUDES quality and comfort and for such a low price.

Thank you ABBITUDE for giving me this great opportunity.

* I was not compensated for this review. I was offered a product or products to give my honest and fair opinion. You experience and opinion may vary.

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