Monday, March 14, 2011

Welcome to my Nutella Mommy Party!

I can honestly say before hosting this party I really did not know that much about nutella. My mother in law buys it but just says it is better for you. I have found out many different faqs about Nutella now such as it is made from roasted hazelnuts, skim milk, and a hint of cocoa. Their are no added artificial colors or preservatives.
We all love the creamy texture. Their is no fighting with the knife to make it go on it just smooths on the bread, waffles, pancakes or whatever else. 
Nutella is also perfect for anyone with peanut allergies, because it contains no peanuts or does it come in contact with peanuts during manufacturing.
We had a pretty good turn out for the party. Each person received their goody bag that included Tumbler, Spreader, Sample, coupons and recipes. They were a huge hit.
We decided waffles would be the best thing to make, all of the children and adults like them and they can choose other items to put on it to. 
We all had the Nutella and then most of us chose something different to put on it. The picture above is K eating a waffle sandwich and my strawberry Nutella waffles. They are so yummy!

I would like to send a huge Thank You out to Nutella and Mommy Parties for giving us this great opportunity.

* I was not compensated for this review. I was offered a product or products to give my honest and fair opinion. You experience and opinion may vary.


  1. omg I love nutella it is so yummy! I actually havn't had it in awhile now I'm gonna crave it lol

  2. Yummy! We love nutella here. I can eat it by the spoonful ;)

  3. LOVE me some Nutella!!! :-) Never had it with gonna have to try!

  4. oh yes. Nutella is good on anything AND by itself! Lots of sugar tho.... :s I didn't know you could have a nutella party tho!! I wanna come!! :D


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