Saturday, April 9, 2011

K-Y Intimacy Experiment Day 1 ( Love Nest) 18+ EYES ONLY

I am happy to say we have started the K-Y Intimacy 10 day experiment. I was very excited to get to try this experiment as you can never have to many helpful tips and new experiments to try.

  My husband and I both love to go to hotels we love to splurge on that room. Sometimes we don't even get that nice of a room but it always seems so wonderful. Their is just something about lying in bed next to your partner all raveled in sheets and so relaxed.  So my goal with this first experiment is to turn my bedroom in to an adult getaway. Somewhere that my husband and I can relax and get in the mood. Whether it be to get sexual or to just cuddle. 

With having three young children in can sometimes be hard to take that special time and to create new memories. We alot of times just get caught up in daily life and forget how important it is. 
I started of by just looking at my room, wondering what would someone think if they came in. From there their was a whole lot to do. I took all of the basket out, folded all of the laundry and put it in it's special place, dusted, vacuumed, shampooed carpets. I wanted it to be just perfect when my husband came home. I washed all of the bedding and got out or new comforter, fluffed the pillows, sprayed some lavender spray and bam! it was ready! These are the questions that I was preparing myself for and now that I will share with you.

How did your bedroom seem to affect your sex life before the revamp? It was just to busy and we only went in their to fall asleep. After? We were relaxed and in fun moods.

What effects did the flowers, candles and, music have on your mood? We did not do flowers or candles, but we did do music we turned on some Garth Brooks and well the rest is history lol.

Did you notice any changes in the way you responded to your partner and vise versa? Yes we were both relaxed and could really enjoy each other. Did your mind wander, or were you focused solely on the moment? Defiantly on the moment!

Did any issues come up with your partner that you'd like to address now? No we were both so happy and secure! Did you approach the exercises as a team. Yes. Did you learn anything about your similarities or differences in doing the exercise? Yes we both learned more about each other and to keep a serene relaxed bedroom and it will keep our moods that way also.

I wrote this posting while participating in a blog campaign on behalf of K-Y® Brand and also received product samples to help facilitate my review.”

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  1. man, I would give my left arm to try THIS experiment with my man!!!!!! I'm so curious about the entir KY line, but they are SO EXPENSIVE!!


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