Wednesday, April 13, 2011

K-Y Intimacy Experiment Day 5 ( Fun and Games) 18+ EYES ONLY

K-Y Intimacy Experiment Day 5 Fun and Games. This day is all about discovering new things with your partner. We do not have alot of time because he works late but we did have enough time to enough a major activity together. I sent my kids upstairs to build lego houses and we started. 

We worked out together. This is the first time ever. For 1 I never wanted him to see how really goofy I look doing it and he has never really liked exercising that much, ( well unless you consider the bedroom.) We had such a blast we were laughing and giggling like teenagers again. We encouraged each other and it was just a memory that will forever be with me now. 

Into the night we played a little card game. We both took cards and wrote down or most sensual body parts and things that really turned us on. We put a little twist to the game as we actually just played with those cards. We put them all in a pile and I would draw one and then he would draw one and we had to massage or kiss, or whatever else that one body part. This game was so much fun and really brought us closer together in both physically and mentally.

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