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"ShirtsThatGo was created 2 short years ago to make available to parents a great line of t-shirts that appeal to kids that love vehicles. The line currently has 15 designs, with plans to add new designs on a regular basis. Our t-shirt line is an attempt to capture amazing vehicles in motion with as much realism as possible. The idea is that the vehicles displayed on our t-shirts are similar to what the kids are seeing in the real world. The images capture them in motion, larger than life. These are vehicles that amaze and inspire our children. Some of us grown ups are pretty impressed too! 

In addition to the great shirts we also have available full color shipping boxes to really wow the kids and toddlers. We want a package from ShirtsThatGo to be more than the fun t-shirt. We are creating a wonderful gift experience for the recipient that begins right at the mailbox. "

Our Opinion: Little T was so siked when I showed him his shirts. He loves all vehicles that go! We received two shirts to review from The first shirt we received is the Garbage Truck. This shirts shows a classic sanitation truck rolling down the road. For most of us it isn't our dream for our children to be a trash man, but every little boy I know has that dream when he is little. I know Little T will stand at the window and watch the entire time the trash man is in sight. 

The second shirt we received to review is the Classic Steam Locomotive shirt. Little T adores this shirt, he actually likes to act like he is a train when he is wearing it and we hear over and over again choo-choo as he is mowing us over. My favorite thing about these shirts are they are MADE IN THE USA!!!

I would like to thank for this great opportunity.

* I was not compensated for this review. I was offered a product or products to give my honest and fair opinion. You experience and opinion may vary.

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