Tuesday, August 16, 2011


How many times do you buy fresh produce and you go to eat it and well it is no longer any good. Not only has it over ripened but it has caused other product next to it to go bad? Yep this happens to me just about every time I buy produce. The latest is lettuce. I was making Tacos for supper one night so I put it on my list, picked it up, but by the time I went to use it, it had already gone bad.

Thanks to bluapple that is no longer a concern of mine. bluapple absorbs ethylene gas which causes produce to over ripen. I put one in each one of my produce drawers and waited. Honestly to my amazement, last night I pulled out the tomatoes and squash thinking I wonder how many had went bad, and the answer to that is none. They were all in perfect condition.

A huge thank you to bluapple who has offered (3) of my lucky readers their very own pack of bluapple containing 2 each. Please leave a separate comment for each entry. Leave an email address or make sure it is visible in your profile.


  1. I learned how bad ethlene gas is and what it does to your fruit - ick!! This sounds like a really neat product!

  2. This rafflecopter entry form has a lot of broken links! I was unable to do a lot of the entries because of this.. also i see no place to sign up via email!!!??? So I subscribed via google reader instead hope thats ok.

  3. Blue Apple can extend my produce up to 3x longer


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