Thursday, August 25, 2011

TruKid All Natural Skin Care for Kids REVIEW AND GIVEAWAY

Have you ever heard of TruKid? Well if not now is the time to learn. All of TruKid products are BPA and Phtalate free.
We were send a couple of different products to review. The first being the TruKid Sunny Days Sport. This is mineral, non-chemical Sunscreen. It is water resistant and unscented. This for us is a huge big deal. The heat here has just been unbearable and the sun I am pretty sure could fry and egg on my sidewalk at any given point in the day. I always try to put on plenty of sunscreen but it seems like 5 minutes after I put it on I can already see them starting to burn. With the TruKid sunscreen I applied and waited 30 minutes before I let them out the door and then just watched, and watched, and watched. I honestly did not have to reapply in the 2 hours that we were out there and they did not burn a bit. This sunscreen leads to happier kids which makes for a happier mommy.
The second product we received is the TruKid All Natural Bubbly Body Wash. I would honestly like to say that all three of my kids enjoy this, but I can't. My daughter claimed it for her own and will not share. She took one big smell and determined that it was hers and only hers. I would have to say she really likes it, seems to be the only body wash that she will use now.

A huge Thank You to TruKid who has also offered (1) of my readers the same 2 products that I received.


  1. New TruVillage SafeSun Naturals sunscreen lotion SPF 30+ 2.5 oz Tube. (no Vit. A)


  2. LOVE their cool conditioner

    Laurie Adams

  3. I would get the 3- pack NEW Helping Hand Wash

  4. love the sunny days face stick too

  5. I would like their Trukid Cool Conditioner


  6. Id like the Sport spf 30 unscented lotion

  7. i'd like the silly shampoo

    Laura DeLuca


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