Thursday, August 25, 2011

The Victoria Chart Company REVIEW AND GIVEAWAY

"The Victoria Chart Company™ produces world-class reward charts and products for parents and caregivers to monitor and positively enhance development in children from ages 1 to 12 years.

Our products have been proven to be effective, easy to use tools to help children reach their potential.
 Provide confidence and build self-esteem;
 Encourage motivation and independence;
 Bring stability to unsettled school / homelife;
 Address challenging behavior;
 Provide a schedule to oversee routine required disciplines, i.e. medication administering, exercise;
 Support emotional issues associated with such concerns as divorce and separation;
 and much, much more.

Our company is dedicated to helping parents and caregivers with their child’s development. All of our products are manufactured to exacting quality standards designed and approved by the company’s founder, Victoria Ballard.

Our Opinion: We were sent the My Credit Chart to review. This chart has many different items listed to earn a check and 2 extra spots for you to put your own in. Here are the things that are listed.
  1. I've dressed myself
  2. I've washed and brushed my teeth
  3. I've eaten a healthy breakfast
  4. I've eaten fruit
  5. I've eaten some vegetables
  6. I've drunk plenty of water
  7. I've tidied my bedroom
  8. I've helped around the house
  9. I've done my homework
  10. I've done something active
  11. I've been kind and thoughtful
  12. I've helped pick up living area (mine)
  13. I've fed and watered bunny (mine)
For the bronze reward which means Miss M has to earn 6 check marks she gets to play with friends that day. Silver, 9 check marks she gets 30 minutes of computer time, Gold, 12 check marks she earns one dollar and when she has completed the entire chart for one week she received seven dollars and 2 hours of computer time. 
  She was more than ready to get this chart started. She has been going at it strong for about a week now and she has received all of her check marks. With this chart she is more than determined to DO all of the things that I ask of her and more. I can really tell that this chart has made a difference with her, The attitude she usually gives has become a sweet and respectable one.
A huge Thank You to The Victoria Chart Company who has offered (1) of my readers the same My Credit Chart that I received.


  1. My Growing Up Chart


  2. I would love to have the My Big Star Chart.

    Laurie Adams

  3. I'd love the growing up chart too!
    Marysa {at} marysa {dot} com

  4. I would like the Big Star Chart.

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  5. I'd love the Big Star Chart


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