Wednesday, October 12, 2011

The True Story of Puss'N Boots (Movie Review)

Synopsis:A young farmer's son inherits a strange talking cat with magical boots. With his cunning wit, Puss helps him win the heart of the Princess while battling devious suitors that are after the throne.

Starring Emmy and Golden Globe winner William Shatner as the voice of Puss!

Our Opinion: Well we all love puss'n boots right? Well that is what I thought. Here is the break down of the entire family's thoughts.

Mom- I think it is a cute movie, very entertaining. I love that it teaches about making your dreams come true no matter what obstacles stand in the way.

Dad- Laughed through most of the movie and thought is was "actually really good."

Miss M- It was kind of boring.

K- Not really sure he fell asleep within the first 5 minutes.

Little T- "Mommy can Puss'N Boots be mine. I love him! He really enjoyed the movie and so far has watched it two more times.

All together I would say this is a kid friendly, family fun movie!

I was not compensated for this review. I was offered a product or products to give my honest and fair opinion. You experience and opinion may vary.

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