Saturday, November 12, 2011

CleanRest Bedding Review and Giveaway

About CleanRest from the CleanRest site:
"CleanRest® is a family of products designed to provide the user with the cleanest, healthiest sleep possible. CleanRest® features an advanced technology called MicronOne®, which offers the highest level of protection available today. It protects you from all microscopic toxins that exist naturally in every bed and pillow.  Each square inch of the patented MicronOne® fabric contains about 3 billion pores; a weave so tiny that spills won't penetrate and micro-toxins can’t get to you. It creates a breathable, yet effective barrier between you and what’s in your bedding. CleanRest® provides protection from bed bugs and allergens, creating the cleanest and safest sleep environment possible."
I received several product to review from CleanRest the first being the Ultra Allergen Blocking Mattress Encasement. This Encasement is Doctor recommended, block allergens, comfortable, water resistant, and washable, and blocks bed bugs and dust mites.
Next I received 2 Ultra Allergen Blocking Pillow Encasement's. The pillow cases blocks dust mites and bed bugs, is doctor recommended, blocks allergens, comfortable water resistant and washable.
The last product I received in the set is the Pro Bed Bug Blocking Box Spring Encasement. This Encasement Blocks Bed bugs, Waterproof, Blocks Allergens and is washable.

Our Opinion: I never knew how bad bed bugs had really gotten. After working in a hotel I found out. The hotel was not a low end hotel we wore uniforms and made sure everything was spic and span but I tell you their were a few scares with bed bugs. Just thinking about it gives me the chills. Thanks to CleanRest I can rest assured that Bed Bugs will stay out of my home. Not only do they help with allergies but honestly they are extremely comfortable. I was expecting them to be kind of rough but much to my surprise they are so soft. I am so happy that CleanRest is now in my home and keeping us safe from those disgusting little creatures.

A huge Thank You to CleanRest who is offering (1) of my lucky readers their own CleanRest Bedding set in your choice of size. Winner will receive.
  • 1 Mattress Encasement
  • 1 Box Spring Encasement
  • 2 Pillow Encasement's


  1. The bedding sets look fabulous!

  2. I like the Ultra Allergy Blocking Pillow (Queen).

    jenny_anwar at

  3. I like the Travel Pillow and Blanket set. cwitherstine at zoominternet dot net

  4. Allergy blocking pillow would be good for me!

  5. anything bed bug blocking is the way to go for me.

  6. allergy blocking window panels sound helpful too

  7. I would like to have their twin collection

  8. I'd also love their Allergen Blocking sets too!

  9. I also like the Original Mattress Encasement in full

  10. Can't the bed bugs go in and out where the Zipper is? There is a big enough opening, is there a way to secure the zipper to completely close it?


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