Saturday, November 26, 2011

Letters From... Santa, Frosty, and Rudolph Review and Giveaway

With my 3 children it is hard to keep the suspicion of Santa. Miss M does not believe and K is in between. The kids at school tell him their is no Santa so he says Santa is only for girls. Little T believes in Santa, and I want to keep it that way for at least the next couple of years. 

Little T received a Letter from Santa that was even postmarked from the NorthPole. Let me tell you a four year old is excited to get mail but have you ever seen a 4 year old that gets mail from Santa?
This is how it went down at our house. Me and Little T went out to check the mail and here is our conversation.

Mom: T you got mail
T: Mail for me!
Mom:Yes bud lets open it up
T:Who is it from
I pause for a minute give him this strange look and I say T I think it is from Santa Clause, He get a huge smile on his face and begs me to read it to him.
I read it and he starts screaming, I have to show my teachers and my friends. As soon as his daddy walks in this is what he says.
T:Daddy Santa Clause wrote me a letter and it even came from the North Pole. He even said he was coming to our town first and to tell Skylar Hi
Daddy: No way let me see
Daddy: That is the neatest thing ever

Needless to say this letter traveled fast and when I say traveled I mean traveled. Daddy had to take it to the neighbors to show them how cool it was. Little T took it to school to show all of his teachers and to his friends house to show them. Grandpa and Uncle had to come over just to read it. I would recommend one of these great letters to anyone with little kids who still believe in Santa or who are on the verge of not believing, it just might change their mind.

Thanks to Letters From... (1) one of my lucky readers will receive a personalized letter from Santa.


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