Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Fix It, Make It, Grow It, Bake It The D.I.Y Guide to the Good Life Review and Giveaway

"Author Billee Sharp shares her freecycling, budget-savvy, barter-better wisdom in this step-by-step handbook to revolutionizing your spending habits and reclaiming your quality of life. Fix It, Make It, Grow It, Bake It is an inspiring and instructive guide to living the handmade life by consuming less and creating more. Practical and profound, this handy how-to covers every area of life and offers easy-to-do tips, recipes, and advice on saving money and the planet. You and your family can live more joyfully and far more creatively, all on a dime. The best things in life are free—or if they aren't, you can have a lot of fun making them."

Our Opinion: Fix It, Make It, Grow It, Bake It The D.I.Y Guide to the Good Life is a book that everyone should own. I was amazed by all of the great tips and useful hints I have learned. I have learned how to grow organic veggies, alot easier that I could have ever imagined. I have learned how to save money with small repairs, that I can do myself. Their is really just so much useful and helping information that I think everyone would benefit from reading this book.

Thanks to Viva Editions (2) of my lucky readers will receive their very own copy. 


  1. I try and bake or cook in bulk if I can, and freeze an extra meal for quick nights

  2. I try to only buy things when they are on sale and then stock up.

  3. i like to freeze what I can and budget with each check so sometimes I make more casseroles and soups to stretch it

  4. we have a garden. I buy meat when it's on sale and freeze it.

  5. We always eat our left overs. cwitherstine at zoominternet dot net

  6. I plan dinners around sales in store flyers. tylerpants(at)


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