Sunday, January 23, 2011

Happy New Year and 2012 Goals

Happy New Year! to all of my great readers! This past year has been one of many ups and downs, but things always have a way of looking up. I am glad to say Goodbye to 2011 and say Hello to 2012. I am looking forward to spending this new year with my family and making it the best year possible.

I am posting these goals and will be keeping up and updating on them as a way for me to work towards them.
  1. Stay Smoke Free- as of January 16th I will be 2 months smoke free- a huge step for me but one that has made my family extremely happy and getting easier everyday for me.
Update 1/11- Still smoke free and think I will stay that way!
Update 1/23- Still smoke free I made it to the 2 month mark!
  1. Loose 30 lbs before April 15th- 2 months ago I was thirty lbs lighter - as of this blog post I weigh exactly 160lbs. YIKES!- This is also one of the husbands goals we will be working on together. Eating better and less and exercising more. We plan to look good for our trip to Disney World. I will loose this 30 lbs and I will be working hard every single day to get a little closer. I will be updating every Sunday night when we do our weigh ins.
Update 1/11- This past week I started on SlimFast, ate less and have been exercising- Down 4 lbs
Update 1/23- Still doing Slimfast but had a little off week didn't gain any but didn't loose any
  1. Spend more quality time with my children: Doing puzzles, playing games, racing cars, building with legos what ever it may be just time together. We will set every Friday night aside for Family Fun Night.
Update 1/11- Still need to work on this more, we have been watching lots of movies together, but need to work more on learning stuff
Update 1/23- Doing pretty good, cooking, coloring, games and even more puzzles
  1. Stick to consequences: This has been something we have been working on. Little T is finally to the point where he will at least stand in the corner for a bit before all of the fits start, this is a plus, this will be something we continue to work on with updates.
Update 1/11- This is still going pretty good, the kids are acting better and having to stand in the corner less
Update 1/23- Kind of had a give in week, Miss M had Strep and has been a busy week but all in all they have been pretty good.
  1. Decorate the upstairs hallway. Finish painting and put get decorated. Will show before and after pics.
Update 1/11- Have not even started
Update 1/23- Nope still haven't started and might be put on hold for awhile have had some lightening issues, so have to do rewiring and might have to cute holes
  1. Save more money- this is something we have started we will only eat out once a month and no more coffee stops, pop stops, toys stops. We figure if we cut out all of the little stuff in the end we will end up saving big.
Update 1/11- This has been going pretty good saved enough money, my husband took me purse shopping. Still have some saved so this is a huge plus.
Update 1/23- Not such a great week with shopping. Went out to eat and bought legos, and more clothes for Miss M.
  1. Take more pictures. I want to take atleast 100 pictures of my kids and family a week, so I can have lots of memories to look back on. Of course I will be sharing lots of these with you.
Update 1/11- I have been taking lots and lots of pictures will be posting some soon
Update 1/23- Doing great at this and will be posting sections of pics soon
  1. Work with Little T more on his letters, alphabet and speech. I think this will get much easier being's as in he starts his new school on Tuesday. Will update of course.
Update 1/11- Not doing to great at this one, seems he goes to school all day and it is just to much for him to have to try and do it at home to.
Update- 1/23 He has been working on this himself and with the games we have been working on he is learning colors and numbers
  1. Host more product reviews and giveaways on Products my readers are most interested in. What would you like to see on Kostiuk Crew?
Update 1/11- I have many reviews and giveaways set up for my great readers!
Update 1/23- Doing much better I think fingers crossed What do you think?
  1. The most important one is to forget the bad that has happened in 2011 and the people that have made it bad. In 2011 to focus on the people that care and not dwell on the past.
Update 1/11- Doing great on this one
Update 1/23- Ugh not doing to great with this one. Seems like the past becomes the future with some people and brings all of the hard feeling back.

I will be posting updates every Sunday night of my progress on this post. Happy New Year to each and everyone of you, I hope the New Year brings you everything your heart desires.


  1. These are great resolutions. I hope you succeed in them all. Happy New Year!

  2. Happy New Year to you! Good luck with all your wonderful resolutions.


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