Tuesday, December 20, 2011

In all Reality..........................


  1. Raising children is the hardest job ever. My daughter is 4 and she is getting very disobedient and disrespectful. She even lied twice yesterday! I don't know what to do either. I am working on a post about the lying. We actually spank her and give her time outs daily, and it still is not working. She is so stubborn. So yes, I am in the same boat. Plus, now I am pregnant with #2. I must be crazy... :) LOL!

  2. I'll be eagerly watching for what other say. My just turned 3 daughter is driving me nuts. She will NOT leave the 4 month old alone, throws constant fits (definitely new baby related there), is a mess causing tornado suddenly, spitting, hitting, and lying and the only things that are working are the "I'm calling Santa right now!" and no ipad access. And the Santa threat expires Sunday! *lol*

  3. your children all sound super sweet all though they do some things that challenges your nerves I must say I have been there and now that they are all grown miss it very much

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  4. Check out this site: http://www.ahaparenting.com/ She's got a LOT of great advice on how to get them to start acting right without you having to constantly threaten them. My youngest is one of those kids who just doesn't care. Whatever the threat, he's willing to take his chances. Mommy may or may not punish me, but I KNOW I'll get to do this thing she told me not to if I want to do it. Telling him he can't because he'll get hurt, hurt someone else, etc. just leads to "I don't care!" It leaves a parent hopeless!

    My husband and I JUST got done discussing the lack of respect and listening around here. We came to the conclusion that we need to 1) realize that no matter what we do, things are not going to change overnight and 2) start sticking to our threats no matter how much yelling, whining, and crying is involved. Our hope is that, after a few really rough months, the kids (especially the 3 y.o.) will realize that we're resolved to stick with the rules and not cave in because we feel badly or can't stand listening to the whining and crying.

    Good luck!


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