Thursday, December 8, 2011

K update

K he has gotten so big and is really growing up so fast. He likes school his favorite part is reading he has become quite the little reader, and if he doesn't know a word he sounds it out. He spends hours and hours playing his Ds and building with Legos, He takes them both very seriously and If his brother or sister mess them up. He will have a shirt freak out session.
K usually shares anything he has with his brother or sister, but he isn't a very good help around the house. He thinks that Mom is his maid. He doesn't like to help pick up other peoples stuff or even his own. I can usually threaten that I will be doing a trash pick up if stuff is not picked up in 5 minutes and wow he runs to pick it up then. We are hoping to have Little T's room finished soon and they will both have their own rooms giving everyone in the house a little peace.
Winter should be easy on him since he prefers to be in the house anyway but is always curious to see what the other kids are up to. He is one pretty awesome little boy.

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