Thursday, December 8, 2011

Little T Update

Where do we start with the Little Man. He is growing like a weed! So much has happened and is happening with him right now so hold tight this could be a very long post! He is in Headstart right now which I am thankful for but at the same time which I could keep him home with me. he has always been such a happy go lucky kid but at school he talks to no one, he doesn't have friends even though the kids want to play with him he stays to himself and only talks to the teachers. Not sure why but hoping that maybe he was just shy having new teachers and new students maybe the second part of the year will be better.
He is also starting at a new preschool this coming up week to help with his speech. He will go to head start sill in the mornings but in the afternoon will go to the elementary preschool. His speech is not getting any better and apparently just because I can understand what he is saying doesn't mean other people can. He was just at school and He failed his hearing and vision test, so I had been on egg shells. I am taking him next week to the eye doctor to get him checked their but it is very odd to me since I had him checked in August and was told his eyesight was perfect. As for his hearing they did do another test and the second one he passed. Thank Goodness!
He really is an awesome kid but also the most trying one out of the three. He loves to scream and if he isn't getting his way he totally has huge melt downs and stomps his feet, throw things, yells at anyone and everyone that he crosses paths with but the good news is they have become less and less so I am hoping this is a good sign. He also entertains himself now. He will build with Legos and Play-doh for hours. That is all for now I am sure their will be another update soon with everything going on at school.

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