Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Miss M Update

I will start off with Miss M. She is growing up so fast it is scary. She is now into computers and anything techy, makeup and BOYS! EEEEKK! She doesn't enjoy school as much as she used to but is still maintaining straight A's. She has become more demanding and outspoken this past year and it could just drive me to the looney bin. She wants no responsibility but yet wants everything. We have come up with a pretty good chart that works for us. She does all of her chores and stuff to earn computer time and money. Makes me happy that I don't have to do all of the extra and makes her happy because she loves the Internet. 
Miss M's rabbit Bella dies last month, at first she took it pretty hard but now I think she has pretty much gotten over it. I think now that she is out of site she is out of mind. We had her for almost a year, not really sure what she died from, Miss M went out to feed her one day and she wouldn't wake up.
M can be so sweet when she wants to be, she likes to help her brothers but only when she wants to, if she isn't in the mood everyone in the house knows it. She does alot of picking on the boys. She now loves to sew. Her grandma has been teaching her and thanks to her Aunt B she has plenty of fabric to keep going, We got her the sewing machine she wanted for Christmas so we shall see where this takes her. I only wish I would have learned to sew as a child or even as a teenager. 

I am excited to see what this new year will bring for her. She is so smart and loving I know she will do her best. Now if I could just get that attitude under control.

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