Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Our Pup Boots

This will be our first Christmas with Boots and boy are we all excited! He is such a good puppy well if you ask anyone but Miss M. He loves to chase her around because she runs from him and he thinks she is playing. He is getting to be huge he was only a few pounds when we first got him and last month when I took him into get his shots he weighed a whopping 30lbs. I had just as much fun shopping for Boots as I did the kids, of course he got tons new toys! Do you include your pet in the Holidays? If so what do you do special?


  1. what an adorable puppy!!!!

    When we light the menorah we call the boys in by the kitchen to watch...frankly they really don't care. Of course we give them prezzies!!

    Enjoy your Christmas with Boots!


Somewhere over the rainbow my dang shoe fell off!!

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