Friday, December 30, 2011

Shopping EdenFantasys for Valentines

I know where my husband is shopping for Valentines Day! EdenFantasys I do think so! I have made it plain and clear that this better be a special Valentines day with lots of Romance, candles, lotions and more. After me showing him in visual the products that I am most interested in I think he got the picture.
Check out Sweet Heart Strawberry Box- Sensual Kit. It includes the box, Strawberry Cream Body Souffle, White Choclate Body Paint, and Strawberry Honey Dust. Umm I think so this is my idea of romance. I am pretty sure the White Chocolate Body Paint will be my favorite but who knows and I hmm I wonder if this means my diet will be messed up;)
I also must have the Earthly Delights Gift Set. This set includes the tin box, sweet almond massage oil, honey almond massage cream, original oil of love, pleausre balm and sweet honeysuckle dust. My husband even agrees that this will defiantly be a taste of love we are both willing to try.
I will be wearing this Peignoir Set for our special kidless romantic valentines day. Now I may not look like her but my husband will appreciate this very much so. Not really sure how long I will actually be wearing it but it is a must have. I am still looking for that perfect something to put him in!

Check out EdenFantasys to assure you have the perfect Valentine's Day.

EdenFantasys, an online sex toys store, compensated me for this post, but all opinions are my own

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