Sunday, December 11, 2011

What fun A Smurftastic Party Thanks to Crowdtap

I was chosen yes me! I was picked to host a Smurftastic Party in honor of the new The Smurfs movie hitting shelves everywhere. I am a huge Smurfs fan anyway. Growing up we new the Smurfs, not only did we know them we loved them. Smurfette has always been my favorite with her long beautiful golden blond hair.
My sons birthday party was today so what better way than to throw a huge Smurfs party. First on the list I went out and purchased the movie. This was a killer not to let the kids watch it before but we wanted to see their first initial reaction at the party.
Here are the Smurf goodie bags. It was hard to choose a Smurf so I let little T choose and he chose Papa Smurf.
We had several coloring pages for the kids to enjoy.
This is the Smurf cake that my husband made. He did such and awesome job on it with the edible rocks and just look he even made the portal for the Smurfs to go in and out of the city.

This was a huge hit with the kids. Gargamel's Secret Potion. It is just Sunny D mixed with blue food coloring but the kids thought it was the neatest thing.

We had a huge great turn out. All of the kids were so excited to receive their good bags, play games and watch the Smurfs. Everyone of the kids really enjoyed the new movie and their were so many giggles that my heart just melted.

I would like to send a huge Thank you to Crowdtap for making this such a great experience!

I was not influenced in any way for this review. These are solely my opinion and only mine. I received  a downloadable kit to host this party.

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