Tuesday, January 24, 2012

BoyScouts and BakeSale

K is starting to really get into BoyScouts. He is earning all of his badges and doing a good job. Little T. really enjoys going to all of the meetings and family nights to, so I am pretty sure as soon as he is old enough he will be joining to.

All dressed for BoyScouts

 My favorite I love the way he is standing.
 Making his cake pizza for the bakesale.
 He is one proud Boy!
His finished Pizza cake. 
Crust-Butter Pecan Cake
Sauce- Homemade Strawberry Frosting
Cheese- Shredded Coconut
Pepperoni's- died modeling chocolate
pineapples- dried pineapples
peppers- dried kiwi
sausage- mini Charleston chews
olives- junior mints


  1. That is too sweet. I really need to get Aidan into something like this once he is old enough. I want him to feel the awesomeness that comes with being a part of something. =)

  2. Yum! He did such a great job! And what a fun creative cake :)


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