Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Great-Great Grandparents

I found these pictures tonight and wanted to share. My great grandpa the kids great-great grandpa passed away already and great grandma their great-great grandma is in a nursing home and she doesn't always remember things or people. Most people don't understand why I don't take the kids to see her, but years ago I made a promise to her that when she lost her memory I would stay away. She wanted us to have all of the good memories of her. I do have alot of great memories of both of them. 

My great grandma was the best grandma you could ask for. I remember so many things about her that are still so vivid in my mind. She always took me and my older sister to church with her and she would give us the church bulletins and have us fill in all the circles on the o's and then we would move on to the next letter. She always made home cooked meals my favorite was her minute steak and her mashed potatoes. She also made the best cinnamon roles ever, and she made pans full of them.  As she got older we played rummy for hours and ate ice cream and peppermints. Even when Miss M was little she would get down on the floor and play with her and read her books. I love that Miss M still has so many great memories of her and she remembers alot about her. I can remember the smell of her house and since she only lived a couple of blocks from where i live know it can be hard to drive by her house knowing that my dad's wicked mother lives their. She is a filthy housekeeper and a mean old lady she is the complete opposite of my Great Grandma. I love to think about all of the stories and tell them to my children.
Great Great Grandma and Little T.

Great Great Grandpa and Little T.

My Great Grandpa was something else. He believed in always sitting at the dinner table. He never aloud us to have pop with dinner ( ha my grandma would always sneak it to us in a colored cup). He was very set on his ways. I remember as a child I was kind of scared of him but as I got older and had my own kids we both changed. He let Miss M get away with everything. As soon as we walked in the house he would dump the container of toys out on the floor for her to play with, he would always take her to the fridge and let her pick out what kind of pop she wanted. Miss M was his only great-great grand daughter at the time and so they had a special bond. He loved to rock her in his chair( yes the same chair we were never aloud to rock in) and read her stories out of the readers digest. He would always turn cartoons on for her, and every time we got ready to leave he always hugged her and told her he loved her. ( something he had never told us kids) It  was so amazing to watch him with Miss M. I really miss him and which the boys could have gotten to know him. Even though he told the same stories over and over, what I wouldn't give just to hear this horse-shoe stories one more time.

I am so glad and thankful to have so many great memories of these to truly amazing and wonderful people.

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