Thursday, January 5, 2012

Power Rangers Samuri Megazord Review

As many of you already know K is a huge Power Ranger fan. Since he was about two years old he has been completely obsessed. He can tell you every character even from the beginning and what they morph into. He can tell you their special powers, who their best friends are and who their worst enemies. He knows every good guy and the bad ones the same. 
The Samuri Megazord is similar to the original Megazord but to me I love the Samuri Edition and it is much easier to morph. The Megazord is made of of five different Zords( animal inspired vehicles) the yellow ape, pink turtle, red lion, green bear, and the blue dragon.

Both of the boys really enjoy the separate Zords but K has more of an appreciation for the Megazord in whole. He knew immediately upon opening it which Zord was which and was rambling on and on to his brother telling him about them. Little T just kind of looked at him like really I just want to play.
When all the zords are together and the megazord is in perfect form it stands 10inches tall. I was a little surprised to find out that this Megazord does not move as well or much as the other ones. Only the Arms and wrists move and we have had pieces pop off a time or two but they popped right back on. Not really a big deal except for K thought it was broke for a minute and bawled until I popped it back on lol. 
My favorite Zord is the Turtle. Adorable right? Ya I know but K wouldn't even let me play the claimed them all for his own and a Megazord it was. He is the only one allowed to play with it now and that is just what he does. The Megazord battles all of his bad guys and honestly he has even tried to vanish his brother. Nope the monster is still here lol.
The Power Ranger Samuri Megazord is defiantly one of the hottest toys on the market right now. For K it isn't just a toy but it is a precious symbol and collection.

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  1. My little brother was into the Power Rangers (original) when he was growing up, now my nephew has nearly all my brothers old toys and plenty new ones he's accumulated. With his birthday coming up, I know he'd LOVE this. Thank you so much for the post and idea!

  2. This looks like such a good product for boys! They look pretty durable too which is really important to me

  3. What a great toy for boys and I love the turtle also!

  4. Cute toy, but Power rangers are not allowed in my house ;)

  5. There are no boys in my household but I will keep in mind if I ever have to buy for a boy. Raising all girls, I have no idea what boy toys are hot on the market! :)


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