Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Update on Miss M

I wanted to give a quick update on Miss M while she is taking a nap. Monday went pretty well we drove up to the city to have her tonsils and adnoids removed. She done great in her surgery and was great coming out. She ate her icecream took her pain meds and we were on our way home. That night she was still doing great drinking and eating icecream. Yesterday didn't go so well. She started vomiting at about 2 and has been about every 15 minutes. She has not been able to keep any pain meds down so she is in terrible pain. We have been using lots of icepacks to try and keep her comfortable but it isn't working that great. I have spoken with the doctors this morning and they are giving her till noon to stop vomiting and drinking or else we will be on our way to the hospital for an IV. Please keep Miss m in your prayers as she is in alot of pain right now.  Here is before and after.

She was getting nervous.
Just starting to wake up from surgery.

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  1. The post is giving an interesting update on Miss M surgery. Read to know the details


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