Friday, March 30, 2012

Reading Glass Shopper

I am not getting Old! My kids make think that I am ancient, and have one foot in the grave but of course they have no idea what old really means. I remember as a child I thought my mother lived in the stone age, but ha boy how times have changed. What I wouldn't give to look like her when I get to be her age. Speaking of times changing have you seen the bifocal glasses from reading glasses Shopper? You no longer have to look like a overbearing book geek. You can still see clearly and make a fashion statement. 

With all of the reading sunglasses from Reading Glass Shopper it was hard to make my decision. After a long search for the perfect pair I decided upon The Katie      Bi-Focal Sun Reader. These glasses block from UVA and UVB rays, not only are they keeping my eyes safe from harmful rays but they are also stylish. I have worn them all over and will be wearing them on our upcoming trip to DisneyWorld. I am sure you will see many pictures of me sporting my new shades.

Thanks to Reading Glass Shopper (1) of my lucky readers will receive a $25 GC to shop for some new shades.

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