Tuesday, May 29, 2012

DaddyScrubs Review and Giveaway

When you go to a baby shower how often do you think about dad? I know I had never really even given it a thought until DaddyScrubs. We always focus on the mom and baby, but to be honest Daddy's play a huge roll to. They are exhausted from labor (not as much as we are), they lack on sleep but they also share just as much joy as mom's. Thanks to DaddyScrubs we can include Daddy's and they can show of their pride to they offer scrubs, tees, hats, sweatshirts, books and more.

Our Opinion: I was very pleased when I received the DaddyScrubs to review. I received the Green DaddyScrubs for review. I love the entire concept. They are perfect for Daddy's to show how proud they are and to lets be honest any woman is going to be proud when she see's her partner wearing these. I will defiantly be purchasing more products from DaddyScrubs for upcoming baby showers. They are the perfect gift for men. I also think they would be perfect for letting friends and family know that you are expecting.

A huge Thank you to DaddyScrubs who has offered (1) of my lucky readers their very own DaddyScrubs.


  1. i like this Gift Set - $5 with $20 Purchase and the free shipping on orders over $40 thanks crystal allen

  2. I like this:

  3. I like the Daddy diaper pack, they hate carrying a diaper bag around

  4. I like the Vintage Blue Hat.

    anjathisandthat at yahoo dot com

  5. i like the daddy diaper changing toolbox
    awhitley2272 at yahoo dot com


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