Thursday, May 31, 2012

Riding with Turbospoke

Turbospoke is The Bicycle Exhaust System. It turns your average bicycle into a motor bike sounding bicycles. You can install Turbospoke in less than 5 minutes. Mr. K put it on Little T's bike in no time at all. It came with three different sound cards which we have had to try them all out. Little T likes the one that makes the most noise. No Batteries needed, which means the kids want to get out an exercise more to see what all sounds they can make and how loud the sounds can be. The Turbospoke is one of these neatest things I have ever come across. Great for all ages.

Here is a picture of Little T., as you can tell he is proud to be the new owner of a Turbospoke. He thinks he is a whole lot of awesomeness now. He goes down the street as fast as he can to make the largest sounds. He says he has to get his wheels to go lightening speed. Now K and Miss M both want one, looks like we will be adding more to the bicycles around here. Check out this video of Little T. with his new Turbospoke. 

You can also check out Turbospoke on Facebook, Twitter and Youtube. Stay Tuned and watch for the Summer Fun Birthday Bash, July 9-23, where 4 lucky readers will have the chance to win their own Turbospoke. 

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  1. Both my boys would love this! And they'd also fight for it...boys will be boys I guess/

  2. I am so proud of your little boy. My toddler cannot do it yet.


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