Saturday, June 23, 2012

DuneCraft Jumbo Veggie & Herb Garden

Teaching children how to garden and to make their own food can be a great learning opportunity. Every year my husband and I plant a huge garden, but the kids just kind of sit out on the side lines. This year thanks to DuneCraft they got to experience planting their own Garden.

Miss M loves helping her grandma garden but to be honest she has never really got hands on involved. She would help pluck a few weeds, water a little and carry stuff into the house when it was ready. The Jumbo Veggie & Herb Garden was her chance to get her hands dirty.

The Jumbo Veggie and Herb Garden contains 6 Vegetable Seed Packets (Sweet Peppers, Bush Cucumbers, Strawberries, Tomatoes, Green Beans and Sugar Snap Peas), 4 Bonus Herb Seed Packs (Basil, Parsley, Chives and Oregano), 12 Coconut Coir Pots, 8 Peat Pots, 6 Germination Bags, 8 Round Germination Cubes, Instructions and Info Booklet.

After setting out all of the pieces when then got a huge bowl, added the germination cubes and water and got started. The kids loved getting their hands down in the bowl and getting them dirty. They made sure that their were absolutely no chunks and was perfect for putting in the pots.

The next step in our garden planting was putting the soil into the pots. Each child took turns and made sure each pot was filled to the top with soil. Miss M was so into this she directed her brothers on how they needed to be filled and when they could stop filling them.

Next we put the seeds in each one. Miss M done this very slowly to make sure each one was perfect. We then cut colored straws to mark what each one was. The kids enjoyed picking the colors that each one would be marked with. After putting the seeds in she then covered them up. They were all in shock at the difference in sizes of each seeds.

Here we have Miss M when we are all finished filling the pots. We will let them grow for awhile in the house. We have our own little green house so it should be awhile before they need to go outside. For now the children are really enjoying watering and monitoring to see if their are any changes.

Stay tuned one lucky reader will have the opportunity to win this Jumbo Veggie & Herb Garden in the For The Luck of Liberty event. 

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  1. We have the venus fly trap terrarium and we are waiting to see them srprout!! Duncraft is awesome! :D

  2. This is great, it might do better than our garden outside this year that was really hit by the hot hot july weather. looks like fun

  3. This is SO awesome! I would love to have something like this! I suck at raising plants, so this would help me in the long run I think.

  4. I am always afraid I will kill it! and have reason to feel that way- this may help me!

  5. This is a great activity for kids.

  6. I know this is geared towards kids but I definitely think I want this, lol! It seems like a great way to get a small garden started.


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