Saturday, June 30, 2012

Swimming Fun

We have spent alot of time this summer swimming. We have  a large pool in our yard and I take the kid's to the local pool every Friday. Miss M has not really been enjoying herself with swimming as much as she would like as her brothers have had friends and boys over daily and frankly she is tired of boys. ( At her age it won't stay this way for long.) She has been spending alot of time on her computer, she loves listening to music and of course playing games.

I has become quite the little fish. He can swim and swim like no other. His favorite thing to do is go off the diving board. In three hours time he goes off around 50 or more times. His behavior has gotten better and he tries to please me more with his actions which has worked great for everyone. We have been trying to get him to play more with his Lego's instead of his DS and so far he has built his own little town.

Little T is a great swimmer. He is doing so great. He learned how to swim from one side of the pool to the next so he is allowed to go off the diving board now. I still make him wear his life jacket though. He spends so much time in the pool, I always tell him he is going to become a fish. Dirt is something that he loves oh so  much. He loves having his cousin B over and they will play in the dirt and sand for hours. He has been such a good boy, still a few outbursts but nothing that can not be controlled in a matter of minutes. Thank the Lord. This has been a long time coming.

Mr. K has been siding the house. I try to help as much as possible and things are really starting to look great. We planted flowers on the side of the new fence, which will start coming up next spring. Our Garden is doing Great. Even though the water bill has sky rocketed we will have plenty of corn, tomatoes, turnips, cucumbers, squash, peppers, jalapenos, cabbage and so much more. Yummy! I have also discovered Instagram on my phone. I love it. Here are a few pics that are done from it. 


  1. It looks like they have a blast! I recently started using Instagram, too! It is fun!

  2. Love swimming and I bet your kids have a blast.


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