Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Dreaming of a Vacation

This month has just been a Blah of a month. It seems like I have been stressed to the max and I don't see it being relieved anytime soon. Not even sure where to start but I will give it my best shot.

School: This has been on my mind alot lately. We just finished buying all of the school supplies and I was rather impressed with myself as I kept it under $150 for all three kids. I was not expecting that at all, figured it was going to be almost double that. We only have to get one more outfit for the kids a piece and we are done school shopping all together. This brings me to sadness and joy. My kids are getting older and it is fun watching them grow and become smarter and wiser but at the same time I am starting to feel more alone. My youngest goes to school full time this year and that means, they are All three in school full time. Where has all of the time gone? This makes me sad. Their are no more diapers, bottles, burping, over nights it is just them against the world. Yes I am now sobbing like a baby!

Family: Ugh is about all I can say to this one. I haven't gotten to see my mom much this summer with her job and our schedules. Visiting with my mom always makes me feel a bitter calmer, to where I can deal with things. I just got back from a visit with my sister and while I love seeing her and the boys it is so stressful having to take my three kids into a new environment without their own things. They become Monsters from another planet. Fighting, using words I did not even know they knew and whining. It was a great visit but as you can tell I am glad to be home. My youngest sister is all over right now. She seems to get on the right path and then falls away at an alarming speed. My only brother makes people become worry warts. He believes he has no self worth. He does as he pleases not caring if it is harm to him or anyone else. A couple of weeks ago he flipped his friends car and while he had bumps and bruises he is fine. I was terrified.

Mr.K: I am so amazed everyday of the Father and husband that he is. I can be very trying and he loves me through it all. He does his best to make sure that the Kids and I have everything we need and want all while keeping a good attitude. He works his bum off everyday and still comes home and works on the house. (We are in the middle of Siding.)

Kids: Miss M is becoming a mouthy, bright, amazing young lady. She knows how to pull every one of my strings but at the same time she always knows just the right things to say. She is always making me things that really I can't help but smile at. She will be going into the 4th grade and this is scary. We are talking periods and boobs now and I just want my baby back.

K: Wow I am not sure what school is going to bring for him. This means he has to put down his DS long enough and that is not a good topic for anyone in this house. He is becoming such a handsome boy. He is so tan and charming. He is going to be a real heart breaker.

Little T: My baby is growing up way to fast. He will be in Kindergarten this year and while I want to keep him home one more year (or 5) he is ready. More than ready is is excited and can not wait for the journey this will take him on. Awe to be 5 again and think that life is so simple.

I will leave this post at this but I will be posting a new Family Post every Tuesday. I Hold aside Tuesdays for My Complaint Day. Bahahah!


  1. Cute Family! We are having a blah month too. Lots of craziness going on around here with no end in site! Hope it gets better for you!

  2. You have an adorable family! I'm thinking the upcoming school year is going to have some amazing experiences in store for you!

  3. Aw, sorry for the rough month, seems to be blah for us as well. You have a beautiful family.. keep your head up.

  4. great family. Summer is hard hopefully it will be easier once school starts.

  5. What a beautiful family you have! Hopefully the days to come will be less stressful!

  6. You have a beautiful family! I know it's sad to see them grow up but it's so much fun to see them learn and discover the world!

  7. What a beautiful family. Keep the good things in mind and let the bad things go.

  8. I can relate! :) My almost 9yr old daughter is headed directly to puberty and I have quickly realized that I am not ready for that at all. lolEnjoy your beautiful family!


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