Sunday, August 12, 2012

In the Swing of Things

These past couple of weeks I have been so busy and my blog has kind of been put on the back burner. I have many reviews and giveaways coming up but my kids go back to school in 4 days and we have been having a blast with what we have left of summer. This past weekend we celebrated our town and here are my kids on the church float.

The kids and I went to my sister's for a week visit in Nebraska which was alot of fun. We had some amazing food, Swimming and the kids all played together giving my sister and I time to really visit. It was a blast.

I got a call last Wednesday from Mr. K saying the storm that came through tore up some scaffolding, a little of the roof, broke a window and some more damage. Still waiting on the insurance man to come access the damage.

Mr. K took K and Little T on a Boy Scouts back to school camp out. Made me a little nervous because even though Mr. K means well he doesn't watch the boys like I think they need to be watched. (Never taking my eyes off.) They are boys if you tell them not to do something they will try. Lol

K is now sick he we had an ER trip today and even though we are home now, their are still many things to be figured out. The doctor is referring him to a GI Specialist, he thinks that their is something wrong in his intestines, his hemoglobin was very low so will be starting him on iron pills and he also has a viral bug.

With school starting Thursday we are in full swing of things. Bedtime 8 ( as we speak all three of the children are sleeping), this leaves two hours for me and Mr. K to do whatever we please.  Their will be many updates coming as Little T starts kindergarten this year and I am so happy for him yet so sad. Not sure after 9 years of being a stay at home mom what I will do.


  1. You have a beautiful bunch of kids! Enjoy every minute with goes so fast! :)

  2. Cute kids! Summer goes by way too fast!

  3. Wow time flies so fast doesn't it? My blog went on the back burner for a while too. We were sick all summer so this last month before school started we were trying to squeeze in a full summers worth of fun into just two short weeks. I wouldn't recommend it. lol.


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