Friday, October 5, 2012

Edenfantasys: Halloween Costumes for Men (18+ eyes only)

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Halloween is just a couple of weeks away and yet my husband is still on the search for a great costume. We always do everything that parents are supposed to do school parties, trick or treating, snacks, parades and whatever else might fall into our laps at the time, but one thing we also make sure to do is have a little adult fun. Edenfantasys offers both of both world's costumes that he can wear out and about and ones for my eyes only!
There are two costumes that I am having a hard time choosing between for any occasion, the first one is the SWAT commander- costume. This comes with the utility vest, shirt, knee pads, and fingerless gloves. I can definitely see Mr. K sporting this. He can wear it for out and about and for some role play action.

The second costume that I am really eyeing for him is the Fire Captain- costume. This set includes the pants with reflective trim, t-shirt and oversized suspenders. I really love the look of this one, but it is such a hard decision. Mr. K would look great in both and he could wear them to a party or anywhere for our activities. 

You help be the deciding factor which costume should I get Mr. K?

EdenFantasys, an online adult toy store, compensated me for this post, but all opinions are my own.


  1. I had no idea Edenfantasys offered costumes for men! Love the fire captain one lol


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