Thursday, November 22, 2012

Gifts Galore 2012: Mama's Combo Pack Volume 1 (R)

My kids love video games. We have several different type of video consoles, but without fail my children usually can be found playing their DS. The boys love action packed, racing and fighting games, Miss M on the other hand prefers games where she is cooking, dancing, acting and where she can level up.
When given the opportunity to review Mama's Combo Pack 1- Cooking Mama & Camping Mama outdoor Adventures. This combines the original Cooking Mama with nature. The goal of the game is to prepare food, combine ingredients  cook meals and then present your cooking masterpiece to Mama for your final score. Their are 38 levels, and 100 mini games, including rock climbing, swinging on jungle vines, spelunking, rowing a boat and much, much more. Their are many different nature settings from time to seasons. Miss M has really been enjoying this new Mama's combo pack. It is easy enough for her to level up but still fun and exciting. Her favorite part is the actual cooking itself. Mama's Combo Pack Volume 1 would make a great gift for that special little girl this gift giving Holiday Season.

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  1. How cute! It looks like fun for the little ones.

  2. Very cute!! The kids will love this!!

  3. My kids would love this but then again, so might I!

  4. I've heard about the cooking mama, that looks like a game I would love to play as well! haha

  5. Looks like fun! (And maybe a way to keep my kid from wanting to actually "help" me in the kitchen)


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