Saturday, December 29, 2012

Carmex everyday lip conditioner Review

I have been a Carmex fan for as long as I can remember, at any given time you will find several different kinds of Carmex in my purse. When I became part of the Carmex BlogSquad I was very excited. I have had the opportunity to try out all of the new Carmex products first hand. Flavored chapstick, lotions and now the new Carmex everyday lip conditioner.

With winter in full blast here my lips have been continuously dry. The new Carmex everyday lip conditioner is creamy, fast absorbing, non-greasy and has 13 moisturizers.  I have to say I am not to fond of the orange flavor would like to see more of a mellow flavor but it really does work. It conditions my lips so that they aren't dry and peeling. Miss M loves it, she has one in her backpack at all times and to be honest even the boys like it. K prefers only to use it at home, but Little T likes to carry his on him too. He usually has very dry lips that crack and bleed and the Carmex everyday lip conditioner has made a huge difference. If he keeps it on and applies it repeatedly his lips are good to go. 

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I was not compensated for this review. I was offered a product or products to give my honest and fair opinion. You experience and opinion may vary.


  1. The winter weather is just terrible for my dry lips. Carmex is a great product to help!

  2. I love Carmex - they even have it now with a little tint to it, which I keep in my car!


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