Friday, January 18, 2013

Summary of 2012 with the Kostiuk's

2012 was a year full of many ups and many downs. We had many great opportunities but with the good also came heartbreak.

1. We took our first family vacation to Disney World. This was an amazing experience for all of us, not only did the kids have a magical time but so did Mr. K and myself. This was also mine and the kids first time on a plane, after four separate planes I determined I don't know why I was so terrified all of these years.

2. Miss M had her tonsils removed after several episodes so tonsillitis. This was a huge thing here as she ended up bleeding several times, had several ER visits and took over a month to heal. It was miserable for everyone.

3. Mr. K got a huge promotion at work, it has put us in a much better financial situation and he is so much happier. It really has had a major affect on all of us, everyone is always in better moods.

4. We purchased a family year pass to Henry Doorly Zoo. We have went several times now and it has become a day trip that we all enjoy. The animals we can't get enough of, although we still have not had the opportunity to see the elephants we have enjoyed our time just us.

5. My new SUV came to me the day after Christmas. Mr. K called and asked me to take a look at it and by the end of the day we brought it home. I love me new Pathfinder, everything is perfect about it. The room, color and best of all my kids even love it which means the have been working extra hard to keep it clean.

6. We have had several issues with a few of Mr. K's family members this year. We made the design together that if people can not treat our children with respect and consideration like they do the other grandchildren then for our kids sake we need to distinguish them from our kids lives.

7. Our first trip to Great Wolf Lodge was awesome, our total package ended up being over $700 so while we had a good time decided it will not be more than an occasional trip we take.

8. The kids have started sports Miss M has been enjoying basketball and the boys have been enjoying wrestling. It is fun to watch them learn and compete.

Of course their many more things that have happened but this is just a little sum up.


  1. Sorry for all the issues you have had. I agree with removing disrespectful people from your life even if they are family. I believe our spouse and children should be put first and foremost above everyone else. Congratulations on the promotion and new car.

  2. 2012 was a horrible year for me! Far to many bad things happened!

    I have never been to Disney! That must have been fun I hope I get the chance to go some day with my kids :)

  3. There were some trials but it seems like you guys had a pretty good year. Continued blessings in the new year!

  4. Here's to an awesome 2013 for you and your family! Hang in there!

  5. Wow! sounds like a lot of bumps in the road thus far but I'm sure your going to have an amazing next 11 months!!


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